8 minutes | Dec 1st 2017

223 How To Avoid Sexual Harassment Issues

http://www.byroningraham.com/podcast/223-how-to-avoid-sexual-harassment-issues   As of late, there have been numerous outings of individuals who have preyed upon others in the workplace.  It is one of the fastest ways to destroy a cohesive environment as well as demoralize individuals affected by someone's actions. At this point, we are only seeing the beginning of a large number of women and even men come forward to out their harassers.  The biggest reason for the sheer amount of people being outed is a precedence has been set.  Now that people see it is ok for them to let the world know what happened without facing consequences more and more people will begin to come forward. However, this is an issue that should not occur in the workplace in today's age.  One of the main reasons why people harass others in the workplace is the false perception of invulnerability.  For the longest time, if someone was in a certain position within a company it was part of the culture to protect them as they were more valuable to the brand than if they were to let them go.  As a result of this mentality, it created a culture where it gave people permission to do as they pleased without fearing repercussions. Being in any form of leadership position, especially one that interfaces with the public require people to be a role model to everyone who interacts with them.  In this day and age of social media, a company cannot afford to tolerate the behavior of individuals who do not respect others. So what is the simplest way to avoid harassment issues in the workplace?  It's quite simple to treat everyone like they are a family member.  A person would never treat their own brother or sister in the way that they treated others in the workplace, as that would be apprehensible.  When raised as gentlemen, most men would defend their siblings from any type of harm.  Making this simple change would eliminate the vast majority of issues happening today.   After all, no one who is sexually harassing others in the workplace would want it to happen to someone within their own family. The faster people begin treating others like family, the faster we can eliminate harassment from inside and outside of the workplace.  
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