52 minutes | Nov 27th 2017

221 Eating Healthy With Alina Z

http://www.byroningraham.com/podcast/221-eating-healthy-with-alina-z   Chef Alina Z is a Couture Nutrition Chef, TV Show host and creator of a #1 Best Diet helping people learn how to eat healthy. Alina's journey into entrepreneurship began after a career conducting PR for a catering company.  In her tenure there she discovered she loved food and wanted to learn more about it after gaining weight.  She wanted to learn how to get healthy, which led her to attend school for nutrition. One of the hurdles she had to overcome in school was focusing on the type of chef she wanted to become.  There were guest lecturers on a wide variety of diets and lifestyles, most of which didn't resonate with her.  It wasn't until she learned about a raw food diet that she found her true passion.  She became enthralled with the idea of how food brings life to the body. The food we consume on a daily basis must be good for us if we want to maintain a certain level of energy.  It also must be good for the environment and taste good.  Sadly, the vast majority of foods people consume on a regular basis do not meet any of the above criteria. One of the most important things anyone can do to live a healthy lifestyle is to choose a "diet" that works for them.  Diets are designed to work for the masses and not the individual which is why most people fail at them.  Each and every person is different, so we must consume foods that work best for ourselves and not others. The One Thing Alina recommends is change your perception of food.  Treat it as if you were going out on a date.  Do you want a relationship or do you want a one night stand? To learn more about Alina visit: http://www.AlinaZ.com  
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