46 minutes | Nov 20th 2017

218 Choosing Fulfillment With Tommy Breedlove

http://www.byroningraham.com/podcast/218-choosing-fulfillment-with-tommy-breedlove   Tommy Breedlove is the founder of Choose Goodness, a movement dedicated to helping leaders and entrepreneurs focus beyond the financial bottom line. Tommy helps his clients bridge the gap between humanity and profitably. Tommy's journey into choosing goodness began after a career in the financial services industry.  To achieve the "expected' levels of success within the industry he found himself wearing a multitude of masks that were not true to who he was on the inside.  Everything within his career was about how to make more money.  This led him to reevaluate who he wanted to be in life to come up with a way to live a life of goodness without compromising success. One of the lessons learned while in the financial services industry is money is a tool, thusly it doesn't always lead to fulfillment and happiness.  You never want to compromise yourself to buy material things in life.  One of the best documentaries he recommends individuals watch is called "Happy".  It is a study of various societies around the world and what makes the people within them happy. A contributor to the obsession that people have with winning at all costs is the media.  Happiness is typically portrayed by having a large number of material possessions.  Very rarely do you hear of people being happy because they are doing something that fulfills them within the media. If you are constantly comparing yourself to others, it will lead you down a dark path as this results in the false belief you are not good enough.  The only person we should be comparing ourselves to is reflected in the mirror.  When we do this, begin to change the belief system we use on a day to day basis. In life, the one thing that it is vital we never do is compromise our values.  We can lose everything material in the world, but we can hold on to our values which makes us who we are.  Typically people will sacrifice their values in a vain effort to please everyone around them.  Regardless of what we do, there will be people who are happy because of what we are doing and there will be those who are not.  We must focus on those who resonate with our message and grow within that following.  In doing so, you are able to stay true to who you are and not compromise your beliefs. The One Thing Tommy recommends is you have to participate in your own rescue as no one is going to come along and do it for you.  Take a self-assessment of where you are in life, if there are things that you do not feel are where they need to be at, then do something about it.  If you are compromising who you are in order to be accepted by others, then you must be willing to change to truly feel fulfilled. To learn more about Tommy visit: http://www.choosegoodnessnow.com or email Tommy at: Tommy@choosegoodnessnow.com  
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