6 minutes | Nov 17th 2017

217 The Importance Of Journaling

http://www.byroningraham.com/podcast/217-importance-journaling   Writing down the thoughts and ideas within our minds is nothing new as it is a practice that has occurred for thousands of years.  However, the number of people today utilizing it to advance their goals is minimal. Journaling can be one of the most powerful things anyone can do to create growth and prosperity in their lives.  We live in an age where the vast majority of people spend more time talking about what they want to achieve and doing nothing, than writing out their goals they plan on accomplishing.  In order to change our lives, we must first identify what we want to change, which is best accomplished through writing out our goals.  There are multitudes of courses and books on the topic of journaling, but at the end of the day what is most important is to start.  Begin with where you are in life, write out your thoughts, your feelings, your frustrations.  For everything you identify in your life that you do not like, it is imperative to identify what you will change.  For example, if you are not happy with the weight you currently are, what actions will you take each day to change that.  If you are not making the money you desire, what will you do that day to attract more of it.  Results follow the intentions we set for ourselves, and if we do not set intentions, then nothing will happen.  Have you noticed how highly successful people who have created companies all talk about how it began with an idea they wrote down?  Compare this to the person who only talks about what they want to do, but never writes anything out.   When you invest the time and energy to journal on a daily basis, you will begin noticing things shifting in your life as you attract the people and resources you need based upon the actions you take each and every day.  
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