5 minutes | Nov 15th 2017

216 Be Your Own Hero

http://www.byroningraham.com/podcast/216-be-your-own-hero   Often in business and in life, we have a tendency to wait for someone to come along to change the world we are living in.  However, if we want to make change happen quickly we must learn to become our own hero. Becoming our own here simply means we have to take responsibility for the outcome we want to achieve.  Typically in business, individuals will spend time "hoping" that the right person will come along and ultimately change everything in their business.  That's simply not the case.  If we waste time and energy waiting for someone to come along, we will quickly find ourselves out of business. To be a hero in your business,  you simply need to take action on your goals.  It doesn't matter the size or scope of them, you just have to begin tackling them.  Does this mean every problem will be solved overnight?  No of course not, it just means that you are taking the first step towards solving them. Regardless of how big any challenge might be, the way to take it on is one piece at a time.  Break things down into manageable tasks.  Only then will you be able to become your own hero.  Give each task 100% of your attention so you can come up with the best possible solution. In approaching tasks in this manner, you will soon find yourself building momentum in your business as you get closer and closer to achieving your larger goal of becoming your own hero.  
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