9 minutes | Nov 13th 2017

215 You Are Ready For Greatness

http://www.byroningraham.com/podcast/215-you-are-ready-for-greatness It can be very easy for someone to constantly justify why they are not ready to do something bigger and greater in life.  The reality is we are ready for greatness at this very moment. One of the main reasons why we sometimes believe we are not ready is due to how we compare ourselves to others in the world around us.  When we compare ourselves to others, we see people who are further along in their own journey which creates a false sense of reality.  Through comparison, we believe that we are not ready as someone else might have more tools, a better website etc.  However, the one thing they do not have is you. Each an every one of us has a message, a gift, a talent, that is meant to be shared.  When you look at the world around you there are over 7.5 Billion people.  This means that not everyone will resonate with the same message.  But they will only have the opportunity to resonate with the messages they here. So what does this mean for you? It means today is the day to begin getting your message out into the world.  It doesn't have to be polished, or 100% complete.  It simply needs to be done.  One of the best ways to get started with your message is, to begin with, your personal network and letting them know who you are and how you can help them.  Often we have a tendency to avoid approaching the people closest to us, but they can be the ones who will have connections needing the support you provide.  The people you know the best will want you to succeed.  If they have no interest in your success, then it's time to find new friends. There is an expression that says the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the 2nd best time is now.  Now is the time to get your message out there as someone is waiting to hear how you can help them in their lives and businesses.    
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