11 minutes | Nov 8th 2017

213 Investing In Yourself Part 3

http://www.byroningraham.com/podcast/213-investing-in-yourself-part-3 Investing in yourself goes beyond simply attending personal development seminars and reading books to grow in life.  To truly grow we must expand the concept of investing to reach new heights in life. An area often overlooked and under-discussed in regards to investing in yourself is personal health. Our health is what determines how successful we will be.  There will be people in the world who might have a high level of financial success, but they do not have the health to enjoy it.  Simply look at the number of people in your life who do not have the energy to do the things they desire.  Investing in our health goes way beyond buying a gym membership.  We must be willing to change the way we eat and act throughout the day.  It's one of the main reasons why a year ago I stopped eating meat & dairy products.  Through tracking my energy levels, I discovered I felt sluggish after consuming these products, so I eliminated them from my diet.  It didn't take long before my energy levels began to skyrocket.  While most people spend money on food that's not very good for them, I make it a point to only consume foods that provide me energy.  This allows me to accomplish substantially more than others throughout the day. While our health is internal, we must also invest in our outward experience.  We live in a society where appearance is everything.  Look at how people decide which fruit & vegetables they are going to buy.  Most people will only buy ones that are the perfect shape and do not have any blemishes.  The ones that do not meet these criteria go unwanted and ultimately end up being disposed of.  That being said, the way we appear to our audience is what can ultimately determine the level of success we have.  Appearance revolves around grooming as well as the attire we wear as it helps us relate to the clients we want to associate with.  Take a moment to go to your local shopping mall.  Look at the difference in how people are dressed in a high-end store such as Nordstrom's or a specialty boutique compared to a place like Walmart.  Which one do you believe will attract a higher paying customer? To know how to appear to your ideal clients, simply look at the people they associate with, then dress accordingly.  A simple way to improve your appearance without breaking the bank is to look for stylish brands on sale, or at various types of outlet stores.  When you present yourself in a certain fashion, you will be able to attract more of your ideal clients as they are able to easily relate to you.    
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