11 minutes | Jan 4th 2021

Walls Come Tumbling (Fall of Jericho)

It’s time for The Bible…but Funnier! Witness the fall of the most famous city in the Bible known for having walls that fall. Joshua is given a plan by God to take down the city. It’s unorthodox, but he’s ready for the challenge. Today we want to shout out a brand new show from Theophany Media: Creatively Christian. This show is for creative Christians of all types. The four hosts interview directors, artists, writers, and more to discover how their faith informs their art. Starting January 7th 2021, Creatively Christian will be on all your favorite platforms. CreditsHost / Writer: Jake DoberenzIntro / Outro Guy: Seth ParkerMusic: Kenny Doberenz This show is produced by Theophany Media. For more about Theophany Media go to www.theophanymedia.com. Also find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
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