14 minutes | Nov 1st 2020

Samson’s Revenge (Samson’s First Wife)

It’s time for The Bible…but Funnier! We meet the person prophesied to save Israel…and he’s a bit much. Samson comes on the scene demanding his way and doing a lot of damage. Damage for the Lord, I guess? Special thanks to Dave Ebert for lending his voice to the show! Dave hosts the Gifts 4 Ministry Podcast and founded the clean comedy group Well-Versed Comedy. You can find Dave on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook under @RealDaveEbert. Be sure to check him and his work out! CreditsHost / Writer: Jake DoberenzSamson: Dave EbertIntro / Outro Guy: Seth ParkerMusic: Kenny Doberenz This show is produced by Theophany Media. For more about Theophany Media go to www.theophanymedia.com. Also find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
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