12 minutes | Aug 10th 2020

Pigs in a Blanket (Cornelius)

It’s time for The Bible…but Funnier! It's lunchtime for Peter. But the menu is all food he is forbidden to eat. What does God mean by this? He finds out when he visits the Roman Centurion Cornelius and the fate of the Jesus movement changes forever. Don't forget that this show is brought to you by Theophany Media. Theophany Media does more than just this podcast: they publish books (check out the latest book Where to Submit Christian Writing), plays (via Theophany Theater), and have a great blog. CreditsHost / Writer: Jake DoberenzIntro / Outro Guy: Seth Parker Music: Kenny Doberenz This show is produced by Theophany Media. For more about Theophany Media go to www.theophanymedia.com. Also find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
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