11 minutes | Aug 17th 2020

Lion Around (Daniel in the Lion’s Den)

It’s time for The Bible…but Funnier! Conspirators emerge from the shadows to take down their enemy: Daniel. Daniel’s crime? Being a super cool dude. Unfortunately, no one was counting on the fact that Daniel worships a God that can make friends with lions. Our recommended resource of the week is the Blaze trilogy by Hope Bolinger, a modern retelling of the story of Daniel. To support the show and our friend Hope (who helps Theophany’s script department), purchase the first book through our special link: www.theophanymedia.com/get/Blaze. Hey, don’t forget to recommend this show to others. Share this link: theophanymedia.com/bible-but-funnier CreditsHost / Writer: Jake DoberenzIntro / Outro Guy: Seth Parker Music: Kenny Doberenz This show is produced by Theophany Media. For more about Theophany Media go to www.theophanymedia.com. Also find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
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