6 minutes | Feb 22nd 2021

Letter to the Lady (2 John)

It’s time for The Bible…but Funnier! Say “what’s up” to the elect lady and her chillen’s, the audience of the book of 2 John. The self-described “elder” tries to sound like the young folk with this jazzed-up letter about love and spotting false teachers. It’s straight fire–that’s what’s up. If you are a Christian creative storyteller, you’ll love the Creatively Christian Club, a membership community by Theophany Media with a library of resources, networking events, and masterminds with experts. Head over to www.club.theophanymedia.com for more information. CreditsHost / Writer: Jake DoberenzIntro / Outro Guy: Seth ParkerMusic By: Kenny Doberenz Produced by Theophany Media. For more about Theophany Media go to www.theophanymedia.com. Also find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
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