10 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

The Booking Mindset

Booking work starts with a booking mindset. In this episode, Risa and Steve break down the ways in which to shift your approach to booking work and cultivate a consistent practice in order to do amazing work all the time, whether in a high-pressure audition setting, self-tape, on set, in rehearsal, or in your approach to your career. Listen in and learn how to change your norm from nervousness, self-consciousness, even self-defeat, to believing in yourself, being self-aware, proactive, and deeply knowing your power as an actor and your value as an artist. Go ahead and do some journaling on your “why,” on your purpose, when you’re done listening. We want to hear from you!MORE ON RISA        MORE ON STEVEExplore these related BGB resources and take your craft and career to the next level!FREE: The 10-Day Actor’s Challenge 3-in-1 Bundle – to get you in the best mindset for your craft, your career, your life!BLOG: How To Be Present in the Casting RoomBLOG: Audition Like You Don’t Give A F*ckCHECK OUT our Audition, Scene-Study, and Creator Classes! Currently on Zoom.JOIN US for The BGB Actors Summit: A FREE virtual workshop with Risa & Steve.Have you heard the previous episodes in Seasons 1 + 2? Make sure to listen NOW!
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