64 minutes | Jun 22, 2020

Talking Shop with Our BGB Casting Family: Risa Bramon Garcia, Leah Daniels-Butler, & Billy Hopkins

Risa, Billy, and Leah (whose history together runs deep) sat down together (over Zoom) to talk about how actors and CDs are breaking down barriers and connecting in this “new normal” via social media challenges, IG LIVES, and open calls, including the massively popular monologue challenge that Leah ran and took boldly into a daily Instagram LIVE.They spoke about how they’re each making the new virtual space work, what they want from actors during these challenging months (and actually, always), + what the future of casting will bring. It’s a dynamic and honest conversation, giving you a peek into the minds and hearts of these veteran, award-winning, actor-loving Casting Directors.OUR GUESTS:Leah Daniels-ButlerIG: @ldbcastingLeah Daniels-Butler is a casting director and producer responsible for launching the careers of talented actors like Gabourey Sidibe, star of the Academy Award winning film PRECIOUS, and other notables. She served as Casting Director for television’s #1 show EMPIRE on Fox. Leah began her career as a casting assistant in 1991. In 1994, Leah landed a coveted casting position as the assistant to Leslie Litt, Senior VP of Casting at Warner Brothers. Within two years, she earned a promotion to casting executive and began working on award-winning projects like FRIENDS and SUDDENLY SUSAN. Both shows earned Primetime Emmy Awards for acting roles. In 2001, Leah left WBTV to start LDB Casting, the company she owns and operates today. Leah works across genres securing talent for films like 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS and THE PAPERBOY. She is the recipient of the Hamilton Award for Outstanding Casting for her work on THE BUTLER and the Casting Society of America’s “Outstanding Achievement in Casting for a Television Drama” award for her work on EMPIRE. The Casting Society of America recently appointed her to its board of directors, where she serves as the only African-American member of the board.Billy HopkinsIG: @williamphopkinsBilly Hopkins casts film, television, and theatre. His credits include FATAL ATTRACTION, JFK, GOOD WILL HUNTING, PRECIOUS, LEE DANIELS’ THE BUTLER, and MUDBOUND, among many many others. He cast the pilots for ROSEANNE and SEX AND THE CITY. Billy and Risa were casting partners throughout the 80s and into the 90s, and together cast so many iconic films. Billy was also responsible for the casting of the 1992 Broadway production of A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, the 1990 Broadway production of SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION, and the 1988 Broadway production of SPEED THE PLOW, to name a few.  He has also directed numerous stage productions. Billy received the Emmy Award for casting WHEN THEY SEE US.~~~~~~~CHECK OUT our Audition, Scene-Study, and Creator Classes! Currently on Zoom.JOIN US for The BGB Actors Summit: A Free virtual session with Risa & Steve.* FIND THIS PODCAST AS A VIDEO: Talking Shop w/ Our BGB Casting FamilyMAKE ART: The #BGBWorldMonologue Challenge!— Shoot a Monologue, Post on social, Share + Raise $!Have you heard the other episodes in Season 1? Make sure to listen NOW!
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