76 minutes | Oct 20, 2020

Not Just An Actor: Making Your Own Box

Risa and Steve sit down with an incredible group of successful multi-hyphenates- Milena Govich, Will McCormack, Grasie Mercedes, and Brea Grant- all of whom started their journeys as actors and have since grown into other roles in the Industry, making names for themselves as writers, directors, producers, and showrunners. Together they discuss their unique paths, and how they’ve found empowerment and fulfillment by stretching themselves in multiple areas of their careers, acquiring agency to expand their artistic lives in the process.P.S. And it’s made them stronger, freer actors.OUR GUESTS:Milena Govich:  IMDb, Instagram, TwitterWill McCormack:  IMDb, InstagramGrasie Mercedes:  IMDb, Instagram, Official SiteBrea Grant:  IMDb, Official Site, InstagramMORE ON RISA        MORE ON STEVEExplore these related BGB resources and take your craft and career to the next level!CHECK OUT our Audition, Scene-Study, and Creator Classes! Currently on Zoom.JOIN US for The BGB Actors Summit: A FREE virtual workshop with Risa & Steve.Have you heard the previous episodes in Seasons 1 + 2? Make sure to listen NOW!
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