58 minutes | Nov 25, 2019

How To Talk To Your Family About Your Career

Knowing how to talk to your family about your career can be a landmine filled with all kinds of emotional pitfalls: shame, insecurity, trying to impress them, a need for validation, and a lack of transparency about where you’re actually at and why you keep doing what you’re doing.In this episode, Risa and Steve break down how you can approach and communicate with your loved ones from a place of compassion, setting healthy boundaries, releasing expectations, and claiming artistic empowerment by taking full ownership- without apology- of what you do and why. Before you go home for the holidays, or engage with your family in any way that may feel loaded, have a listen! Explore these related BGB resources and take your craft and career to the next level!Free PDF: 5 Self-Care Practices That Lead To Career SuccessBlog: 10 Ways for Actors (and Other Artists) to Survive the HolidaysBlog: How to Be a Happy ActorBlog: Bring Your VulnerabilityMORE ON RISA        MORE ON STEVEDo the work necessary to move your career and craft to the next level. Jump into one of our career-changing CLASSES!----We are offering CAREER + LIFE DESIGN COACHING (find out more + add promo code PODCAST in your APPLICATION for a 10% discount!)----Meet us on Instagram and other social spaces where we hang out — with tons more great advice, inspiration, and Industry intel.@BGBStudio on IG + Twitter. @theBGBStudio on FB.SUBSCRIBE! And…If you’re loving the Podcast, leave a review and rating. Then, screenshot, post + tag @bgbstudio on IG!Your words will help connect us all and bring these valuable conversations to even more actors- and other artists- around the world.
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