31 minutes | Feb 18, 2021

Drones and The Future of Industries. Thinking of a Career Flying Drones?

Ep. 22 covers "Drones and The Future of Industries. Thinking of a Career Flying Drones?"The podcast's title, "The Beyond Growth Show" is precisely what we intend these podcasts to be. We want to bring in a wide range of subject matter experts to provide key information and knowledge to our audience. We hope that by doing so, we'll be able to motivate, inspire, and educate others to move past their comfort zone, and grow beyond!This episode features Antonio de la Cruz, a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Operator / Drone Pilot. We'll learn how Antonio got into piloting drones for aerial photography, drone racing, training industry professionals on using them for on-the-job tasks, and being a reviewer for DJI, a large global drone company.If you want to know more about how drones are shaping the future of industries, or are looking into making a career out of flying drones, then watch the episode.Connect with Antonio on LinkedIN.Email: x4.SnippeRR@gmail.comVisit the Sugu Drone Website.Watch the episode on YouTube.*******************************************************************Co-hosts Craig Dunkerley and Claudia Harvey entertain you with witty anecdotes, insightful stories, and informative tips that set you on a path towards financial and personal success. Grab a pen and paper! Jot down notes, take down quotes.Most of all, leave a comment of two.They'd like it if you do. Connect with Craig DunkerleyTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIN Connect with Claudia HarveyTwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedIN Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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