105 minutes | Oct 20, 2020

Using Enneagram to Understand How We See the World with Vrin Rao

In this episode, we discuss how the Enneagram system can help us understand the lens through which we see the world – the motivators that drive us, the fears we’re trying to avoid, and the needs we are seeking to be met. Vrin Rao is an Enneagram Coach and Meditation Teacher. She works with women and those who identify with the female energy to build strong and healthy relationships with themselves and others. She does this by using the personality framework of the Enneagram to help others identify their core motivations which are directly influenced by each of our specific needs and fears. It is often our unconscious needs and fears that have the potential to spill out in interactions we have with ourselves and others in both the personal and professional settings. By understanding what we are driven by, we develop greater awareness, understanding, and acceptance of ourselves and others. Vrin is also a meditation teacher and a life-long practitioner of nada yoga (the yoga of sound), japa yoga (the yoga of meditative mantra recitation) and kirtan yoga. She is also well-versed in tantra, chakra meditation, swara yoga (the science of the breath) and yoga nidra (psychic sleep). She offers 1:1 Enneagram Consultations and ongoing coaching for those interested in diving deep into understanding their core motivations, their unique gifts, and how to work with the shadows we all battle within. In this episode, we discuss: ·      How her life switched from science to coaching and how she found the Enneagram system. ·      What the Enneagram system teaches us about ourselves and how it can be applied in our lives. ·      The value of understanding your own type and seeing and understanding that the people in your life are different types ·      The three categories the different types fall into – body, heart, and mind – and how we need all of them to grow. ·      How there is a spectrum of consciousness within each type determined by whether we are run by our egos or self-awareness. ·      The ego and it’s role and interaction with the different types. ·      And then we briefly go through each of the nine types and discuss what they look like on a higher level of consciousness and what they look like on a lower level of consciousness. You can find and follow Vrin here: Illuminate.nyc Instagram: @illuminate.nyc You can also download her free Intention Setting Template. This fillable workbook walks you through the stages of successfully creating and manifesting your daily intentions and gives examples of where we often go wrong. PREVIOUS EPISODE RECOMMENDATIONS: Ep. 64: Decoding Your Life & Relationship Lessons Through Numerology with Donnalynn Civello Ep. 61: Understand & Embrace Your Uniqueness with Erin Claire Jones Ep. 56: Exploring the Ten Worlds of Happiness with Dr. Ash Eldifrawi Ep. 50: Listening to Life & The Keys in Your Genes with Paul Kuhn Please SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, RATE, and REVIEW the podcast! Follow the podcast on Instagram @TheBetterYouPodcast or Facebook @TheBetterYouPodcast. And you can email the podcast at TheBetterYouPodcast@gmail.com Follow me on all the socials: Instagram @kaciemain_writes, Facebook @kaciemain.write, or Twitter @kaciemain_write. Find my book – I Gave Up Men for Lent, the story of a jaded, hopelessly romantic, health-conscious party girl’s search for meaning – on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible. And for everything else you want to know about me, visit my website at www.kaciemain.com
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