76 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

To Change Your Life & Change the World, You Have to Do the Work with Brandi Harvey

In this episode, Brandi Harvey and I get real about how we have to get uncomfortable and do the difficult work in order to change both our own lives, as well as the world. Brandi Harvey is the Founder of BEYOND HER an active wellness community for women of color. A former high school teacher, personal trainer, NPC fitness competitor, and nonprofit Executive Director, Brandi is a true renaissance woman. As the author of the revolutionary resource and personal transformation book Breakthrough Sold Separately, and her Go Beyond Her Guide, Brandi has taught thousands of women around the world to become more confident as they step into the arena of their lives. From national and local appearances on the Steve Harvey Show, Sister Circle, Good Morning DC, Atlanta & Company, Essence Magazine, Redefining Wealth, Dream Nation, Rolling Out, and serving as a contributing writer for Sheen Magazine, Brandi uses every vehicle she can to bring holistic wellness to women of color. Authentic in spirit and a certified truth teller, Brandi has captivated audiences in both the United States and abroad. Having graced the stages of Harvard Business School, Princeton University, Disney Dreamers Academy, NYU in Florence, Italy, and The United States White House just to name a few, Brandi is a premiere speaker, and leader of this generation. Brandi has been named as Atlanta’s Top 100 Women in Business, and having received the White House Drum Major of Service Award under President Barack Obama, Brandi Harvey is a woman on a mission to change your life and the world around her. In this episode, we discuss: ·      How paying attention to signs from life helped her find her true purpose after getting fired. ·      The life-changing realization she came to during a silent meditation retreat. ·      Growing up in church and where her spiritual journey has taken her. ·      The power of taking accountability for our lives and also forgiving ourselves. ·      How finding quiet time can help us stay centered and maintain an overall awareness of the bigger picture. ·      Her dreams for BeyondHer and why she wanted to create a space in the health and wellness industry for women of color. ·      Strong black woman syndrome and how black women have not been afforded the opportunity to grieve, hurt, and address their trauma. ·      The role religion has played in holding people back from going to therapy or finding additional resources to deal with their lives. ·      The generational trauma the black community is dealing with and how it’s just one part of a multi-layered complicated issue. ·      And the importance having real, honest, sometimes uncomfortable conversations in order to grow, change, and move forward. You can find and follow Brandi here: Iambrandiharvey.com BeyondHer.co Instagram: @iambrandiharvey @beyondher.co Facebook: @beyondherco Her book – Breakthrough Sold Separately: Shake off the Chains of Your Past and Step into Your Divine Destiny BOOKS & RESOURCES: The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer Audre Lorde Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGruy Dr. Joy DeGruy YouTube Channel Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present by Harriet A. Washington Previous episode recommendations: Ep. 70: Balancing Taking Care of Yourself & Being There for Others with Asha Tarry Ep. 44: Death, God, Religion, and Mysticism with Reverend Peter Panagore Ep. 62: Getting Personal – Exploring My Whiteness
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