79 minutes | Sep 8, 2020

Balancing Taking Care of Yourself & Being There for Others with Asha Tarry

In this episode, we discuss the importance of understanding and protecting your own energy so you can fully be there for yourself first and are then better able to serve others. Asha Tarry is an author, certified life coach, and award-winning mental health advocate. She is also the founder of Behavioral Health Consulting Services LMSW, PLLC which provides consulting, counseling, and coaching to creatives and small business owners in the wellness and entertainment industries and educational sector. As a mindfulness practitioner, she’s coached and consulted individuals and groups of people throughout the US, Asia, Africa, and Europe on personal development, lifestyle, and wellness. She’s consulted with initiatives on maternal health, global workplace retention, and has been a writer and speaker for several outlets focused on mental health. Her work spans two decades and includes working with families, couples, professional adults, millennials, and people with anxiety and work/life imbalance. Her new book, Adulting As A Millennial: A Guide to Everything Your Parents Didn’t Teach You, was mostly written for millennials who deal with anxiety, imposter syndrome, and relationship challenges. The purpose of the book is to help Gen-Y create more joy in their lives, while also surrendering the beliefs that trap them from living in the now. In this episode, we discuss: ·      How the mental health issues present in our family that we grow up – whether we are aware of them or not – can impact our adult lives and relationships. ·      How addressing and healing our own trauma results in lifestyle changes that aren’t always easily accepted by other people in our lives. ·      The healing power of not taking things personally and letting things go. ·      How critical thinking and the willingness to see things from different perspectives can reduce stress and suffering. ·      How to have conviction for what’s right without the suffering of being angry about it. ·      Why people may be prone to hanging onto anger and negativity. ·      How to set boundaries and protect your own energy with people who are constantly looking to you for help and support. ·      How to decipher between when it’s time to set a boundary with someone vs. when you have your own work to do to stop projecting onto them. ·      The importance of the action involved with boundaries vs. simply setting them. ·      And finally, why she wrote a book specific to helping millennials. You can find and follow Asha here: LifeCoashAsha.com Instagram: @ashatarrymental Twitter: @ashatarry Her book – Adulting As A Millennial: A Guide to Everything Your Parents Didn’t Teach You   Previous episode recommendations: Ep. 57: The Science of Friendship and Building Your Tribe with Lydia Denworth Ep. 40: Finding and Allowing Individuality within Family with Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell Ep. 35: Understanding Anger by Gender with Soraya Chemaly Ep. 15: Meeting Needs in Relationships with Dr Kristie Overstreet Please SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, RATE, and REVIEW the podcast! Follow the podcast on Instagram @TheBetterYouPodcast or Facebook @TheBetterYouPodcast. And you can email the podcast at TheBetterYouPodcast@gmail.com Follow me on all the socials: Instagram @kaciemain_writes, Facebook @kaciemain.write, or Twitter @kaciemain_write. Find my book – I Gave Up Men for Lent, the story of a jaded, hopelessly romantic, health-conscious party girl’s search for meaning – on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible. And for everything else you want to know about me, visit my website at www.kaciemain.com  
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