55 minutes | Jul 21, 2020

CBT & Compassion Focused Therapy for Depression with Sarah Rees

In how far can cognitive behavioural therapy help with depression? CBT therapist Sarah Rees came on the show to tell us, and also shared fantastic advice about compassion focused therapy, which can be just so useful for people struggling with harsh self-criticism, feelings of shame and low self-worth. At the end Sarah also shared her own healthy journey with us, covering low mood, thyroid problems and discovering she has celiac disease - and how working with a nutritionist has really helped her improve her health. We talked about the importance of connecting body and mind, and Sarah has shared lots and lots of practical advice with us if you are struggling with low mood.  Links to Sarah's Work:https://sarahdrees.co.uk/Sarah's CBT JournalSarah's Podcast "Ask The Therapist"Links to my workhttps://claudiasmithwellbeing.com/https://www.instagram.com/claudia.smith.wellbeing/
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