17 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

Culture, it all starts in the boardroom | Mike Gahir, Chair & Dr Sabine Dembkowski

The revised UK Corporate Governance Code places a great emphasis on the importance of culture within a business and is seen as a blueprint for corporate governance around the world.Welcome to the Better Boards podcast series. In this episode, I am delighted to talk with Mike Gahir, Chair of the Board of Trustee at Steps to Work about "Culture, it all starts in the boardroom" Mike was a winner at this year’s Non-Executive Director Awards in the UK as the ‘NED to watch’. He was praised by the judges for overhauling the leadership and transparency at Steps to Work.Mike stresses the importance he himself places on culture in the work he has achieved so far.I am Dr Sabine Dembkowski, Founder and Managing Partner of Better Boards. We make the boards of the most ambitious organisations more effective. We do this by providing clients with an evidence-based approach for board evaluations and board development programmes.To fulfil our mission, we give a voice to all who care about creating better boards.How can we help you and your board to become more effective? We at Better Boards are always delighted to hear from you. Get in touch. You can best reach us at info@better-boards.com. The Better Boards Podcast has been selected as one of the Top 10 Corporate Governance Podcasts by Feedspot.     
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