32 minutes | May 16, 2022

12 Unconventional Tools You Need To Make Today Truly A Great Day

Looking for simple & easy ways to ensure your day is a great one? Sharing 12 things you can easily do to make your day a good day! Another episode to encourage and inspire your heart to live a life in more fullness, joy, and abundance.

The 12 Tools You Need To Make Today Truly A Great Day!

  1. a GOOD outfit (Follow along with my shop on the LTK app to find your everyday outfit ideas)
  2. a POWER playlist
  3. dedicated YOU time
  4. a really, really GOOD pen (here are the ones that I am currently LOVING!)
  5. your planner // journal // notepad
  6. a workout
  7. a happy beverage
  8. a plan!
  9. connection!
  10. healthy snacks
  11. a book!
  12. the RIGHT mindset!


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