72 minutes | Sep 23rd 2020

The Ben LeRoy Show - #3 (with Melissa Faliveno)

I'm joined on the podcast by author, musician, and friend Melissa Faliveno whose debut essay collection, Tomboyland, was released in August. 

FROM THE PUBLISHER - In this intrepid debut essay collection, Melissa Faliveno traverses the liminal spaces of her childhood in working-class Wisconsin and the paths she’s traveled since, compelled by questions of girlhood and womanhood, queerness and class, and how the lands of our upbringing both define and complicate us even long after we’ve left. Part personal narrative, part cultural reportage, TOMBOYLAND navigates midwestern traditions, mythologies, landscapes, and lives to explore the intersections of identity and place. From F5 tornadoes and fast-pitch softball to gun culture, strange glacial terrains, kink party potlucks, and the question of motherhood, TOMBOYLAND asks curious and critical questions about belonging and the body, isolation and community, and what we mean when we use words like womanfamily, and home.

“Faliveno’s dynamic essay collection inhabits the spaces in-between—male and female, Wisconsin and New York, personal and political, fear and desire—and probes the profound paradoxes of personhood.” —Oprah Magazine