27 minutes | Jan 28, 2019

TBF 150 :: Taking Stock and Deciding What to Do

I'm just going to be completely honest here. I have forgotten most of what it takes to post a podcast episode since it has been such a long time since I have regularly released episodes! With that in mind these "show notes" are really just going to be a link to the show if you'd like to listen on-line or share your thoughts on the Crooked Gap Farm Inventory that I detailed in this episode.  If you do make your way over to this post though I would love to hear what you think about the equipment and infrastructure our farm has accumulated over the past ten years. Do you have any advice on what probably doesn't need to be on our farm? Do you think the hay business is something that we should continue to pursue? Why in the world do I have so many tractors on such a small farm?  Thank you so much for listening and I hope that you join in the conversation!
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