43 minutes | Dec 1, 2016

TBF 146 :: Gifts for Farmers, Now What's Happening, and the Family

Subscribe to "The Beginning Farmer" YouTube Channel! With Christmas coming up before we know it (and possibly putting an end to my concrete dreams) I thought it would be good to share my Top Ten Gifts for the farmer or aspiring farmer on your list. I've tried to diversify the list a bit with some tools I use on the farm, some tools that are important to the farm, a couple of my favorite books, and even some podcasting tools! One thing that I noticed as I made up the list was that it has quite a few expensive items on it. At first I was a little taken back by that realization, but then it came to me ... as I have matured in my farming adventure I have found that quality really does win the day on the farm. Quality can save time, it can save on broken tools, and most of all it can save frustration! Of course not everything on the list is expensive ... I mean I do love a good pair of sub-$10 USA made pliers! As a bonus I'm also sharing a link to the new boots I've been putting through the paces and some leftover Beginning Farmer T-shirts! :: The Farmer's Christmas List :: (Amazon links are affiliate links) The Lean Farm by Ben Hartman Contrary Farmer by Gene Logsdon Dewalt LED Flashlight 20V and the Dewalt 20V Impact Wrench Green Valley Chainsaw Scabbard Tool Box for Organizing Stuff Rite in the Rain Notebook for Planning Podcasting Mic :: Mic Stand :: Foam Windscreen :: Shock Mount :: Bossjock Studio Speedrite 6000i Fence Energizer (Same as the Stafix x6i Ethan uses) TEKTON Slip Joint Pliers All American 30 Quart Pressure Canner :: The Bonus Items :: The Beginning Farmer Show Shirts (SS: $15 or LS: $20) *while supplies last Alpha Range Boots (the cool new boots I'm rocking) Do You Want to Know More about My Cool New Boots? These days I'm rocking LaCrosse Brand Alpha Range Boots (that's the link to the LaCrosse website) ... you can even pick them up on Amazon (affiliate link)! They are by far the most comfortable mud boots that I have ever owned. I love the gusseted back because I like to tuck my insulated bibs into the boots, and did I mention the are super comfortable! Check out the links if you are looking for some good boots this winter, and I'll share more as I see how they stand up to to the life of an Iowa pig farmer. Check out The Beginning Farmer Show on Facebook!  As always, I want to thank you so much for listening and supporting the show with your encouragement and reviews on iTunes! I am continually working to produce a better show, and I'm thankful for all of the listeners sticking with me as I learn. If you do enjoy the show, don't forget that you can subscribe on iTunes and leave a five star rating and review (by clicking the link). If you are an Android phone user you can also subscribe on the free Stitcher App. It is so very encouraging to know that people are listening and enjoying the show! I would love to hear your questions, show ideas, or comments about the show. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail! As always you can follow along with "The Beginning Farmer" and Crooked Gap Farm by checking out these links ... Crooked Gap Farm Crooked Gap Farm on Facebook Crooked Gap Farm on Twitter  
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