46 minutes | Aug 31, 2021

Episode 15 - Season Finale!

The Season Finale is here! In a special edition episode, The Beatle Bugs Podcast draws the curtain down on Season 1 of the podcast series...and on The Beatles!After the stress and strife involved in producing "TheWhite Album", The Beatles were now teetering on the edge. The "GetBack" sessions were designed to get the band back on the road and backtogether. But instead, the Fab Four grew further apart. Yoko Ono, a financialcrisis and managerial control of the band were pulling the band apart.Amidst all this, the Beatles still managed to produce some ofthe greatest songs ever written with their album release “Abbey Road”. But the tensions surrounding the management of the band,finances and Yoko Ono increased to breaking point. Join us on a farewell tour of the last days of The Beatles, thegreatest rock n roll band in history!Contact us at: thebeatlebugspodcast@gmail.comFollow us on Social Media:Facebook: @TheBeatleBugsPodcastInstagram: @thebeatlebugspodcastTwitter: @beatlebugspod*This podcast features materials protected by the Fair Use guidelines of Section 107 of the Copyright Act. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.
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