33 minutes | Dec 30, 2020

#66 - The New Year and What To Expect

This week is a blast of opportunity gone somewhat wrong. We control our own destiny; the payoffs are among us. The game against the Jaguars was loose and undramatic. Decision-makers are not even making a hypothesis of how Trubisky really will last. He may not even last within the year. This is a short one, but worth a listen. We are hitting some heavy topics in this episode, especially the “in the moment” feeling. Enjoy! If you enjoy the show, please rate and review us on iTunes, as this will help us understand how we can improve and provide you with better content. We are available on all platforms for podcasts. Would you like to submit a question to the podcast for us to discuss? Please contact us on social media or by email at thirtyfourtoglory@gmail.com As always, we appreciate your support and loyalty to the Chicago Bears.
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