86 minutes | May 17, 2021


Jason brings a "real" clip from his audiobook "Knives of the World" he talked about last week. (Also read Evan's article all about him being an audiobook narrator.) Evan shares an amazing song called "My Gemini" by Driving Sirens. Listen to them on YouTube HERE!! Driving Sirens - My Gemini (Official Video) - YouTube Evan has another "guys saying stupid stuff to girls" messages. And this guy really needs to learn how to spell. We talk about a local hub-bub about some near-nude statues in Greenville, S.C. We talk about all the things preppers COULD'VE filled up during the gas "shortage".  & Jason brings a bracket inspired by the vaccines. We ask, "Which Vaccine-Like Power Serum Upgrade would you choose?" 00:30 - Intros. & Evan's in the paper!! Audiobook narrator Evan Harris brings pages to life from the comfort of his apartment - GREENVILLE JOURNAL 01:10 - Jason plays a "real" clip from his audiobook, "Knives of the World". 11:45 - Evan brings a friends song, "My Gemini" by Driving Sirens.  17:45 - Evan brings another awkward message a friend got from a guy. 30:10 - We get local and talk about folks trying to "cancel" our new statues. 42:50 - We talk about the silliness of this gas "shortage" on the east coast. 53:10 - "Power Serum Upgrade Bracket!" With help from Andrew Van & "One Star Reviews". Listen to Jason's Episodes of "One Star Reviews" HERE!! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/45-tupelo-honey/id1505211215?i=1000518837273
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