47 minutes | Jun 29, 2019

'If I could turn back time': stories of regret

These true, personal stories were recorded live at The Bear on May 16 at Ballhaus Berlin in Mitte. The theme of the evening was stories about regret: if I could turn back time. What you would change if you could, and maybe what you wouldn’t.The storytellers featured in this show are Bear founder Dyane Neiman, David Mouriquand, Eva Göllner, Anna Bolster, Stephanie Liao, and Renko Pauwels. Illay Chester performed cello live. Our show’s theme is “I Need Love,” remixed by D.J. Spector.The Bear was created by Dyane Neiman and inspired by The Moth. If you would like to tell a story or attend the next Bear storytelling evening, check out our show page. 
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