39 minutes | Nov 30, 2019

Eureka!: stories of discovery

These true, personal stories were recorded live at The Bear on November 1 at Pfefferberg Haus 13. The show was presented in partnership with the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in honor of Berlin Science Week. On this month’s program, we feature four scientists who left the lab to enter the limelight and share stories on the theme: Eureka! Stories of discovery.The storytellers featured in this episode are Emanuel Wyler, Doris Wu, Annie Voigt, and Emma Anne Harris. Illay Chester performed cello live. Our show’s theme is “I Need Love,” remixed by D.J. Spector.The Bear was created by Dyane Neiman and inspired by The Moth. If you would like to tell a story or attend the next Bear storytelling evening, check out the Bear storytelling’s event page. And if you’ve missed a previous episode of The Bear on KCRW Berlin, be sure to stop by our show page to catch up.Produced by Sylvia Cunningham.
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