50 minutes | Sep 15th 2019

Talking About Cheshire Pork's Product Line with Joe Riscky of Fort Worth, TX

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Hey everybody, and welcome to another episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast. I’m you’re host, Kevin Sandridge, and today I’m talking about Cheshire Pork with Joe Riscky of Joe Riscky’s Barebeque out of Fort Worth Texas.



Joe has been involved with the Cheshire Pork brand for some time. While he operates his stand-alone brick and mortar barbecue business, Joe has become part of the Cheshire Pork distribution arm so to speak. He’s so knowledgeable about the brand that they recommended I speak with him for this podcast episode. So, I called him up and we set up this conversation to spread the good work about what the folks there are doing.

How I Discovered Cheshire Pork

I first became aware of Cheshire Pork through the work that Chris Grove over at NibbleMeThis.com has done with their product. Chris is an amazing culinary talent. From competitions to fine dining, he and his lovely wife Alexis do amazing work. I reached out to Chris to get his thoughts on the Cheshire Pork brand.

Chris Grove on Why He Loves Cheshire Pork

I first found Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork® Brand products at a small, independent grocer near our neighborhood – Butler and Bailey Market. They are a single store operation with a footprint one forth the size of the nearby supermarket. They thrive against bigger competition by having superior quality meats and that’s where I found a gorgeous, thick, rack of St. Louis-style pork ribs.

I hadn’t heard of Cheshire Pork before then, but I know a pretty rib when I see it. The ribs I get from them are consistently expertly trimmed St. Louis style like I would do. I rarely have to even break out a knife to clean it up. Their ribs are thick, meaty, and help me smoke juicy, tender ribs time after time. They aren’t cheap but the quality is worth it to me.

When we were developing the recipes for my second book, The Offset Smoker Cookbook, we relied on Cheshire Pork. We used their bone-in loin chops for our recipe for Thick Pork Chops with Spicy Apple Compote and their spareribs for our Smoked Spareribs with Honey Bourbon Sauce. We use Cheshire because we know we are going to get exceptional pork when we see that label.

Chris Grove - NibbleMeThis.com

Why You Should Listen to Chris...

Again, Chris Grove is a culinary voice you need to be listening to. He's sough out by brands all the time for his knowledge and skill because they know he will represent them at the highest possible levels.

So, take the words he shares here about the Cheshire Pork brand as gospel. One more thing about Chris – you can catch his work over at the NibbleMeThis.com site. He also has two books for sale on Amazon.com

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If you cook on either a kamado-style or offset style smoker, I encourage you to head over to Amazon.com and pick up one of these books, or both – if the situation applies! Oh, and follow him on Instagram @nibblemethis – where there’s always something delicious on the menu.

Connect with Cheshire Pork and Joe Riscky

If you’d like to learn more about Cheshire Pork, head on over to their site at cheshirepork.com.  You can also follow them on Instagram @cheshirepork.

To learn more about Joe Risky’s Barbeque, check him out at joerisckysbarbeque.com.  Be sure to catch him on Instagram @joeriscky

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