56 minutes | Apr 7th 2020

Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 64)- The Scheme & Interview with America's Favorite Hype Man Pantelis Xidias

Yesterday should've been the national title game but i'm not mad, I promise. The wound is healing but it's been a tremendously slow process. In order to alleviate the pain we had to jump back on and talk The Scheme on HBO featuring Christian Dawkins. Surprise: we thought it was dumb. Then we interview one of the most energetic and positive individuals we've ever had, Pantelis Xidias. He tells us about the season DePaul had, how the postseason cancellation was conveyed to him and he coins the term "Hypeful." Finally we end with Hugs and TWIT. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/TheBarnBurnerPodcastNetwork/support