58 minutes | Mar 6th 2018

Ep 29: Swallowed Thricely

Will Pudding Pop survive the onslaught of tongue?

What will happen to our adventurers as the traverse the dungeon in the wasteland?

Find out by Listening to the Season 2 Finale! 

We love you guys and Thank You for all the love and support shown to us!

We will be back soon keep an eye out for those pesky annoying updates...


Story by Alan Kurth

Production and Editing by Jacob Woodard


DM - Alan Kurth

Bowman - Jacob Woodard

Bob Zapp - Alex Ingram

Patches - Aaron Middleton

Puddin Pop - Billy Gibson


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Intro and Outro Audio:

Spellbound Hell by Damiano Baldoni


Steeps of Destiny - Alexandr Zhelanov



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