58 minutes | May 23, 2017

Episode 10: Peter Dante (Movie Star!)

Peter Dante- You know him as a movie star, musician and friend of Adam Sandler...but before he was acting in movies such as The Waterboy, Big Daddy and Grandma's Boy he was a DI lacrosse player at Hofstra! Dante joins us this week to share his vast experiences in the game which range from playing on the "orange team" to playing DI lacrosse, coaching his son's high school team and coaching Brooksy on the LXM Tour. He also slipped in some incredible Hollywood stories, which led The Mayor to pitch a future Sandler flick (to great success). Stay until the end when you hear from FreshMitts founder (genius) who breaks down how our favorite new lacrosse product, FreshMitts, works.
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