15 minutes | Sep 29, 2021

EP 022: New Year, Same You?

Free guided visualization meditation to help you become below! In today’s world, it’s so important to become; to become who you believe God created you to be, to become a better version of yourself each year by operating from an intentional state of being each day, and, to become a better person for yourself, to others and for the world.  There's a free gift in the link below that will support you in becoming who you were created to be! In this episode, Pej shares why it's so important in this new season to transform intentionally and shares how to avoid repeating cycles in your life each year, which is being the same person every new year. It's worse when you do not even recognize it!Becoming is one of the most difficult things to do in life, and it's the most important thing we need to do before we leave this world. The BadassFabulous journey is about progress, not perfection. Everything you desire and the person you desire to become is within you and within reach and you can become that person now! So If you're ready to go from feeling ‘BLAH’ or ‘MEH’, to becoming more empowered and intentional about your state of being as you operate in your everyday, then this meditation is for you. Get the meditation here! https://mailchi.mp/d0deb522a24d/j2sswgn5h8#selftruth #selflove #transformyourlife #thelifeyouwant #wellbeingpodcast #badassfabulous
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