30 minutes | Jul 3, 2019

Why does it not feel dangerous? with Prof. Frances Moore

Season 1 Episode 4: Why does it not feel dangerous?Despite all the evidence that we might be going to hell in a hand basket, climate and environmental change still does not feel dangerous to us in the way that other issues like war and terrorism do. Why is this? This episode explores the psychological processes behind why this topic is so hard for us to process. We dive into one particular aspect with Prof. Frances Moore: is it that we are just normalising these effects? This episode also reveals the moment with Maria and Phoebe realise that the problems we run into with climate change are surprisingly similar to their love lives. Interviewee: Prof. Frances Moore - https://franmoore.faculty.ucdavis.edu Instagram: @badenviropod - Check it out for guilt-free yet questioning stories and photos about the environment. The Bad Environmentalist is presented by Phoebe Lewis and Maria Stacke in their private capacity. It does not represent the views of the organizations that they work for. 
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