31 minutes | Jul 24, 2019

What should I expect from politicians? with Gary Lewis

Season 1 Episode 7: What should I expect from politicians? with Gary LewisWe know that one of the - if not the - biggest hang ups to tackling environmental issues is the lack of political will. In this episode, we chat about how the international policy process for environmental regulation works. We look at some of the hold ups and how some of our systems of governance may not be fit-for-purpose. Then we ask what we should expect of our policy makers and what we can do to make them sit up and listen. And act...This is a special episode because it is also with Phoebe's dad, who tells us about how he shifted from seeing the environment as a "nice to have" to a "need to have" issue. Interviewee: Gary Lewis: https://www.unenvironment.org/people/gary-lewis Twitter: @garylewisunInstagram: @badenviropod - Check it out for guilt-free yet questioning stories and photos about the environment. The Bad Environmentalist is presented by Phoebe Lewis and Maria Stacke in their private capacity. It does not represent the views of the organizations that they work for. 
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