70 minutes | Feb 27th 2018

Episode # 9 - 4 Mics and 2 Mikes

We're back! Well.... half of us are.

Steve and Alisha are still halfway around the world, climbing shirtless on some beach, probably missing us terribly. So, in the interim, we're still auditioning temporary replacements. So far, the only two people naive enough to say yes have been the Mikes.

This turned out to be a long silly conversation, so we're going to try to split it up into two episodes. On this first part, you'll learn about Mike Smythe and Mike Penney, two of Ontario's most... prolific bolters, sandbaggers, and all around fun guys. We talk about our experiences with buying things from gear stores, how to sell your used climbing shoes, and a segment of "Shit We've Seen at the Crag."

We're still doing a call out for questions, comments or emails that we want to start reading on the show! If you have questions for us about climbing, #vanlife, gear.... or what it's like to be pro climbers (we are not pro climbers), whatever, send us a message or email at info@badbetapodcast.com

***Stickers*** If you want some, just ask!

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, subscribe, and tell your friends! We appreciate everyone who listens! (thanks Mom). Our hosts this week: Matt Sapiecha, Anna, Mike Penney (@mike_penney), and Mike Smythe (@m.smythe).

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