64 minutes | Oct 13th 2017

Episode # 7 - A Van-Cast from the Crag

We know it's been a while but... the weather has been really good, and we know a couple climbers with a sail boat. In today's episode we found ourselves on location at a campground near Lions Head, Ontario, during a climbing trip. We recorded on a wet morning before going out climbing, in front of a live studio audience (of one.)

Anna tries to tell a story of her being unreasonable while climbing, we talk about how seeing the eclipse was totally worth it, and the muggles we saw in Tuolumne posing as rock climbers.

Once again, we talk about dirt bags, poverty tourism, and how cool it is to be a climber. 

Steve and Anna get existential about fear, risk, adventure, childhood, and the call of the void... that little voice inside you that says, "lettttttt gooooooo".

We end the show off with a little talk about funny route names, and get inappropriate about Tom Randall, Alex Honnold, and of course, our listeners. We love you all

World famous climber, Bear Grylls, joins us throughout.

***Stickers*** If you want some, just ask!

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