62 minutes | Aug 31st 2017

Episode # 6 - How to Behave Like a Climber

Sorry for the delay, we have been out climbing. In today's episode we talk about the code of conduct for climbers, forged long ago by the great Bodhi from Point Break. Can we all agree that there's no reason to shout encouragement up at a climber? Imagine hearing "C'mon, yeah, c'mon, fight, don't give up, yeaaaaaah, allez!" during a Tiger Woods putt, or while a basketball player is shooting a free throw..

We discuss our up coming climbing trips, and tell you the difference between 'travelling' and 'climbing'.

We talk about Point Break some more, and end the show with another climbing quiz, brought to you by HowStuffWorks. This time the questions and answers are written by non-climbers (muggles) and just go to show how little the outside world knows about climbing.

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