71 minutes | Jul 24th 2017

Episode # 5 - The Naked Cam Dress Photo

To everyone who suggested we try and stay on topic, we're sorry in advance!

Today on the show we talk about climbing festivals, specifically the Beaver Valley Climbing Festival here in Ontario, Canada.

We talk about the motivation to put up new routes, as well as how and why routes get 'chopped'.

Anna talks about the naked cam dress photo she posted last year, and how the climbing community on Instagram lost their minds over it. 

Here's a free tip to anyone thinking of putting together a climbing festival: Get. More. Raffle. Prizes.

Matt did an interview with a real astronomer, Dr. Pamela Gay, who, among other things, has an astronomy based podcast called Astronomy Cast. If you like what you hear in the interview, please check it out. They have over 400 episodes for you to consume on those long drives to the crag. Remember to plan for the solar eclipse, because you'll probably be dead for the next one! Also head to CosmoQuest for more information on some of the citizen science work Pamela is a part of.

To end the show this week, Matt decided to pit the rest of the hosts against each other to see who will be accompanying him as commentator for the 2020 Olympic Games for Rock Climbing (Spoiler Alert: it won't be Anna).

Shout out to The Climbing Zine.

Here's the website Pamela mentioned to plan your eclipse day: Interactive Eclipse Map or head to the Nasa Eclipse page for more information.

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Our hosts this week: Matt Sapiecha, Anna, Steve Andrew, and our guest Alisha.

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