68 minutes | Jun 23rd 2017

Episode # 4 - Dating and Climbing

Episode 4!

Today on the show we have a special guest (our friend Dustin), who provides insights into the struggle of trying to find a partner who is also a climber, in a world where male climbers still outnumber females by what feels like 100 to 1.

We may have accidentally come up with a new dating App called 'Bouldr', exclusively for climbers living in Boulder, Colorado, who have shared interests in things like, gourmet pour over iced lattes, and soloing in the Flatirons.

We talk about one of the best parts of the climbing roadtrip: meeting new people who have homes near climbing destinations. Once again, we delve deep into the differences between men and women in climbing, tell another story for our ongoing segment "Things we've seen at the crag" and in this weeks special pop-culture climbing trivia segment, hosted by Anna, we bought buzzers! (this may have been a mistake).

Check out WoolX products on their website, they really do make killer apparel.

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