66 minutes | May 18th 2017

Episode # 2 - Booty, booty, booty.. and John Long.

Woahhhh, episode 2! To those who thought we wouldn't make it this far... you were almost right. Hopefully, we've cleaned up the audio from the 'pilot' episode, and learned how to talk into the mics better.

In this episode we talk about the new Kickstarter for something called a 'Gumball Biner', for the sport climber who still can't seem to clip the rope into a draw. We discuss the ethics of booty. Arrrrrrrrr, matey! What is booty? For all you sport climbers out there... it's climbing gear stuck on a route. Do you give it back? Spoiler Alert: Never.

We argue about the minutiae of what counts as a 'send', Alex Honnold gives terrible interviews, and John Long is a troll on Mountain Project.

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Our brand spankin' new theme music is by Pastor Dre, the hip hop legend.

Our hosts: Matthew Sapiecha, Anna (@annaoutdoors), Steve Andrew, and our guest Alisha.

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