28 minutes | May 10th 2019

Episode # 15.5 - The Lost Tape B-Side

This week we decided to show you some behind the scenes of why our podcasts are so long (you have no idea).

These are some of the B-Side clips that we end up cutting from the show because they don't 'fit' the main theme of the show.... rock climbing.

There's a lot of talk about seances, Mr. Rogers, and most of all.... Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa.

If you guys enjoy this mini-episode, let us know and we can come out with these periodically!

*We haven't forgotten about the Sublime brush giveaway, and we'll announce winners on the next main show!

If you haven't sent us your Mountain Project female friendly route name, send them in to info@badbetapodcast.com for your chance at a brush!


***Stickers*** If you want some, just ask!

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