88 minutes | Feb 8th 2019

Episode # 14 - The Dawn Wall and Booty: Redux

On this week’s episode we finally talk about the Dawn Wall - The Tommy Caldwell Story. How many times have we seen this movie before??


We talk about what it means to be a Dirt Bag in 2019, and if it's even possible. Spoiler: If you have a Sprinter van, you are not a Dirt Bag.

We do a follow up to our booty episode when Anna asks, is this booty?

This topic, of course, leads to a conversation about the popularity of Adam Ondra and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Finally, we end with a listener suggested game called, "Name that Climbing Scream" (it's harder than you think!)

We end the show making jokes about death, of course.


If you have questions for us about climbing, #vanlife, gear.... or what it's like to be pro climbers (we are not pro climbers), whatever, send us a message or email at info@badbetapodcast.com

***Stickers*** If you want some, just ask!

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