73 minutes | Jun 29th 2018

Episode # 10 - Taboo! Climbers Edition & The Mikes pt. 2

Special Bonus Episode! Well... the second half of the conversation with the legendary Mike and Mike.

Steve and Alisha are now BACK! We will be back to regular programming shortly, but in the meantime, please enjoy more drama with the Mikes (who will definitely be back in future episodes).

We start out with a 'Shit We've Seen at the Crag', then play climbing's favorite game... Taboo?

We try to talk about Red Rocks again, but get off track with some Peter talk, some dating advice (very on brand), and camping in climbing areas. Huge shout out to CimbOn Maps, please go check them out.

We end the show off with an argument over what you should keep on your harness, and of course, Jared Leto keeps us on the edge of our seats, throughout, with an epic tale of how he almost died while climbing with Alex Honnold.


If you have questions for us about climbing, #vanlife, gear.... or what it's like to be pro climbers (we are not pro climbers), whatever, send us a message or email at info@badbetapodcast.com

***Stickers*** If you want some, just ask!

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