37 minutes | Apr 12th 2020

Ep. 018 - How To Adapt, Engage and Inspire Your Community During Times of Uncertainty

The entrepreneurial journey has many ups and downs, sometimes on the same day- which is why it's so important to find a community that can support you along the way. 

In this group interview, I chat with some of the members from the 6initiative team, an entrepreneurial community platform that provides resources, connections and guidance to side hustle/small business owners. 

We chat about what makes their events so successful and how they've been engaging their community during the pandemic.

Tune in to learn about why working from home (if you're able to do so)  can be beneficial, what their binge-reading and watching and what their definition of success is.  

Connect with them on Facebook: @6initiative

Instagram: @6initiative

Site: https://www.the6initiative.ca/

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