32 minutes | Oct 18, 2020

Minnie's House

Well, oh, boy! We are beyond excited to explore the story of Minnie Mouse and her quaint little abode during this episode of the Backside of Water! During this episode we explore the history of Mickey's favorite gal as well as Walt's favorite gal, his wife, Lillian Disney. So grab those earbuds, slap on a big red bow, and get ready for another crazy exploration of the rich history, awesome stories, and fascinating details behind your favorite Disney attractions!By the way, We have launched a brand new listening experience called the BSOW Network over at Patreon.com. By becoming a member you'll have access to up to TWO additional shows a month! just visit: https://www.patreon.com/bsownetworkWritten By: Alex StewartDirected By: Alex StewartVocal Edits By: Annie RuygtSound Mixing and Design By: Alex Stewart
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