30 minutes | Mar 31, 2020

Why You Should Invest More in Performance Management w/ Ed Eppley

One thing I’ve always been fascinated by is the way most companies usually approach promoting sales reps to management.


You have great numbers, so you should manage others using an entirely different set of skills, which we’re not going to train. 


Weird, right? Imagine if you were a great roofer and get promoted to lead architect — and you aren’t even taught the necessary skills.


I wouldn’t buy a house from you.


It doesn’t have to be such a dramatic transition. We just need to invest in a few key things taught to our promoted reps.


And top of that list is performance management.


For our latest episode, I spoke with Ed Eppley, owner of The Eppley Group and author of Let’s Be Clear, about how we can get better performance management from our leaders. 


What we talked about:

- What performance management is

- Why it isn’t taught

- How strategic planning and culture are the keys to performance management


This blogpost includes highlights of our podcast interview with Ed Eppley, Owner of The Eppley Group.


For the entire interview, you can listen to The B2B Revenue Executive Experience. If you don’t use Apple Podcasts, we suggest this link.

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